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Funny Cat is Swept Under the Carpet

This cat has been swept under the carpet by his owners. It kept on bothering them and he has been punished. Humans like their pets but they do not like to be sat on all the time. Though a lap may be just a lap to pussies, they belong to people. How can a person watch tv with a loud purring sound blasting away? No, cats must understand that that a human is always in charge. Puuuuurrrrrrrr!

people wake hours early gym, shower, eat breakfast, arrive office half-hour early. Others prefer stumble bed last possible minute, throw clothes, head out. Facebook. people different morning routines themselves ready day ahead. Cat Does Hilarious Dance Every Morning, Owner Decided Set Music

Paul Fox morning ritual cat, however, bit… weird. cat waking owner started filming. Watch entire hilarious performance below… cat behaved strangely people expressed concern health, owner insisted morning routine!

This particular cat strange starting day. Naturally, owner grabbed camera set scene music! owner set music, making cat’s yoga funnier watch! Apparently, animals same way. Roosters loudly announce it’s morning, dogs spend early hours annoying humans fill food dish.

Whether cat yoga got serious scratch back remains seen. Still, somebody cat show Broadway something. Just imagine: Cats 2: Dance Dawn! Share funny moment friends below! LIKE US. Recommended From Honest Paws Man Demands Wife Pick Between 30 Dogs, Makes Logical Choice

Cute. Famous Russian Cat Unwittingly Swept Up Kidnapping Plot Moscow Alert Cute. Get paws delivered daily! Trending Honest Paws.
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Cat under carpet
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