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Efficient Solar Panel Paint Developed

There is about to be a revolution and it is not wearable technology. A spray on paint to quickly make solar panels has been perfected. The paint's main ingredient is perovskite - a calcium titanium oxide mineral. Furthermore, it costs very little.

Soon cheaper solar panels will be flooding out of factory production lines. They will be used everywhere - even on wearables! Perovskite is twice as effective as current spray-on solar collectors.

The environment will be "covered all over" with this new effective paint. Every surface facing upward whether on something mobile or static will have this coating.

Dramatic change will seen on buildings. Indeed, it will be available in many colors and will become an important part of the designed environment. Battery powered cars will have the paint completely covering the vehicle. It will become as common as ordinary paint is today.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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