Drug Subsidies Taken Away From Pensionsers

The Australian government is in Goo Goo land with its health service. Cutting funds while spending on the odd "party belief" thing seems to be the order of the day. It is taking tens of billions out, then spending a billion on a stupid, fruitless idea.
Health Minister
Don't I love it when I make you stupid old foggies pay?  Ah, ah, ah!
It says it will end hepatitis C in Australia by spending on specific target drugs - over five years! Nothing is eradicated in just five years. It takes decades to half a century to stop a prevalent disease, and it will still come back occasionally.

The government is following a policy of robbing Peter to pay Paul by subsidizing high end expensive drugs while taking many basics off the PBS scheme that pensioners rely on. Members of this government simply don't care as long their misguided belief that the market will solve all is promulgated when they lash out here and there with unfathomable foot in mouth decisions.
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