An Efficient Hydrogen-Hybride Bike (Hy-Cycle) Developed

If you want to clean up the environment get a bike. Not just any bike though: you need a Hy-Cycle with pedal power assisted by hydrogen. A team of developers at the School of Chemical Engineering led by Associate Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou has put a lot of work into the new bicycle.

The main problems in the past has been storage and cost. Hydrogen is now safely stored in hybride, a stable metal. This "compound" is then secured in a canister. Hydrogen is fed into a fuel cells that charges a lithium battery. The battery range is 125 kilometers at a cost of $2.00. This distance is sufficient for a day's use on one charge.

Major cities across the world have already established bicycle pools where people can collect a bicycle, ride it to their destination and leave it at the nearest bike station. It would not be difficult to hire out the new powered Hy-Cycles at a small fee alongside ordinary bicycles.

Improvements are already on the way. The current storage system holds 100 liters of hydrogen in one kilogram of hybride. A similar amount of hydrogen can be stored in 50 grams of borohybrides. A new technique nearly perfected. It seems the barrier is not investment or capability it is human culture itself.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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