Dingo is Just an Asian Dog

New research tells us that the dingo is a uniquely Australian dog. This is despite the strong evidence of Asian dogs looking exactly the same and in Asia they are domesticated. This silly "mythification" of animals in Australia says something about Australians generally. Are they seeking something to make themselves unique?

Australian academics have revived the name Canis dingo a term coined in 1793 by German naturalist Friedrich Meyer. Skulls examined by researchers showed the dingo had a long snout and a broad head. A look at a modern dingo in the bush shows it to be exactly the same as Asian specimens living today. There is nothing special about them. Because they are inter fertile with ordinary dogs shows that they cannot possibly be a different species. Their offspring in this case are also fertile. Unlike the donkey which when mated with a horse gives birth to an infertile mule.

Saying they are not descended from wolves is total rubbish - all dogs are descended from wolves! How can they be "distinct from dogs" when they clearly are dogs? They come in all colors: tan, black and tan, black and white, just like domestic dogs.

It is accepted that dingoes were brought here by Asian seafarers five thousand years ago. It cannot be a separate breed. Some European breeds were brought to distant lands centuries ago with no further input from European stock and they have remained the same.

There is not much doubt that academics are for the most part "dreamers'. They do not do much that is practical. Dr Crowther is "on" something, or should be!
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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