Ancient Britons Were Cannibals

Watch out Caribs: your reputation could be under threat. This group of tribal people found in the West Indies when explorers first arrived there were given the "badge" of real cannibals. It now seems cannibalism was practiced elsewhere, in Britain as a matter of fact. Yes, in jolly old blighty.

Ancient Britons sat around the fire enjoying bloody drinks from skulls. They reached out to grab pieces of human flesh from the spit. Human remains from a dig at Glough's Cave show dismemberment of some bodies. There is evidence of butchering with bone marrow being removed. This is the most nutritious substance that can be obtained from a body. The edges of skulls were also made smooth to make them more comfortable to drink from.

While using skulls as drinking vessels is not evidence in itself that ancient Britons drank human blood from craniums - some non-meat eating people in Asia used them - prying damage on the skeletons does clearly point to cannibalism occurring
 History by Ty Buchanan