Getting Rid of English, Maths and Rote Was a Big Mistake

Many university students cannot do simple arithmetic or write a complete sentence. Without using spelling checkers, spelling is atrocious. This is because the school leaving test is overwhelmed by "choice" subjects. Oddly, English literature is preferred by many over plain English. Many history teachers cannot spell or understand correct grammar. They say they teach history not English.

A large proportion of students have been accepted into university science and health when they have not done maths, i.e., applied arithmetic, in high school. The usual solution at university is to send you to the remedial teacher who throws up his hands and says you do not know the basics. Students usually go to or pay other students to correct their assignments before handing them in. The problem here is that examinations have to be passed though they have been brought down to the ridiculously low level of 10 per cent of the total subject mark.

It has been made too easy to get into university. Even bridging courses are below high school standards. We are bending over backwards to life easy for the young when the reality is that it is a tough world out there. They need to be toughened not softened. Some would like to abolish exams in high school altogether.

If trends continue. We will live in a world where machines cannot be repaired. This could be the case in this computer era. The IT industry is driven by self-taught technicians. What you learned in a University IT degree a few years ago is now outdated and of no use.

Girls just do not study maths at school any more. Fewer boys are doing so as well. Why would any rational human being choose to do a "hard" subject over an easy one? Intensive English and maths must be made compulsory at primary and high school. The "rot" began with the abolition of rote learning. They still do rote in France and it produces some of the best scientists on the planet.