Australians Need Space Not Refugees

Australians like space. The major cities are relatively sparsely populated by world standards yet we still try to shun them to avoid people. Perhaps we are spoiled for space. Australia is the most sparsely populated country after Mongolia. Yes that is a fact. We do not hold the record, though many still claim it.

Another issue is - What is a city? For world records this can be a problem. An "average" Chinese city would have more people than the whole of Australia. Some Australian politicians are aiming to keep our cities small in the near future. But is this still possible in a world seemingly full of refugees? Time will tell if placing refugees overseas from Australia will work.  It will certainly cost us a great deal.  Tony Abbott's idea of turning the boats around will only cause refugees to put a hole in their boat.  Most boats are seriously overloaded and unseaworthy anyway, so they should be taken into safe custody.  Ignoring safety concerns could be breaking international law.. 

With Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister things seemed to be moving too quickly. Kevin Rudd did too much too quickly and he ignored what most people wanted. People don't like things to change too fast. Maybe there is a lesson there for Labor in the next federal election. Voters wanted something done about the apparent flood of refugees and what this would mean for future population density. Hopefully new policies will give some breathing space to Australians who are quite shocked to find people from strange cultures walking down their street. Australia is a Caucasian land - at the moment. It has taken two centuries for Chinese to be accepted as Ocker Aussies. Australians not only need space. Time is required as well to accept change.  
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Immigration by Ty Buchanan
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