Tranferring Human Minds to Robots Is a Pipe Dream

Some people assume too much. This applies to the scientific sphere where people can "get ahead of themselves" and make claims about achievements that are only in the "possible" stage. Science is advancing very fast, but some things are still out of reach. People in positions of power due to wealth or public office can make the wrong decision.

A group of 100 scientists have been put together by Dmitry Itskov a Russian entrepreneur to download, or upload depending how you look at it, human minds into robots. This is fairy tale stuff. They expect to complete this within 10 years. This is probably at least 30 years away.

These human/robot "things" Itskov has called Avatars. He claims it will mean immortality for humans who agree to have their minds "implanted" into robots. This is a silly point of view. Unless consciousness is transferred as well there is no immortality. Claims that consciousness will be transferred with the mind are nonsense. Neither scientists nor theologians know what consciousness is anyway.

The idea has of course been taken from the movie Avatar. Why Itskov should depart from the script and presume consciousness can be moved with the mind but the body must die is not clear. In the movie humans return to their bodies after cohabiting alien bodies on a colonized planet.
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