A Rethink Is Needed on the Elderly

Those involved in the aged care industry call for more money from government. Despite money being ploughed in and the rate of pension being increased it still isn't enough. But we need to take a close look at what is going on in the world. European countries are cutting back on pensions and health care, saying that governments cannot afford it. Perhaps residential aged care will always be unsustainable. Indexing of current payments will only keep up with inflation, and it appears the Government will not even do that.

In ages passed the family cared for the elderly. Aged parents spent their day sat in the armchair by an open fire. They got bread and cheese if they were lucky and they certainly didn't enjoy an income. Too infirm to work their daily tasks involved caring for the toddlers in the family. They were seen as assets not liabilities.

Society has changed. Many adult children today do not even visit their parents. Child care is sourced privately. But these same children do not take kindly to parents mortgaging the family home and living better in old age. This is unfortunate. Perhaps the Government is too paternal. It seems in Europe that reality has put a check on welfare. Maybe a return to old ways will be forced on us.
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