The French Eat Golf-Ball Chips

We do live in a weird world where everything is possible but the odd thing remains impossible. In the modern world you would think a machine could be developed that could sort real golf balls from freshly picked potatoes. Unfortunately, this problem persists in France.

A golf course is situated next to a potato field. When miss-hit golf balls fall among the potatoes the machine carefully picks up potatoes and golf balls together. When the golf balls and potatoes are then processed in the chip factory the golf balls are cooked and sliced with the potatoes. They do know that a fat, juicy golf ball produces 18 slices of "chips".

The real problem arises when cooking and slicing is completed and golf ball chips and potato chips look the same. Apparently, people have actually eaten the golf ball chips from the packet. There have been complaints, however. Customers have said that it could endanger health, so a new machine will be created to identify golf balls in the potato field. Just how long this will take is not known.
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