Bigfoot, Yeti or Bunyip?

Bigfoot or yeti? Australia has its own "monster" living in the outback. It is called the bunyip. Most Australians live on the coast. But people continually travel this broad brown land all the time. With few dense areas to hide in why isn't the bunyip seen more often - if it exists.

Aboriginals firmly believe in the existence of the bunyip, and many white people do as well. Though Aboriginals describe the creature in physical terms saying that it has dark fur, horse-like tail, tusks and a dog-like face, they do say it is a spirit, which can disappear when it wants to.

Those who claim to have seen the animal invariably see it near water such as streams, rivers, lakes or wetlands. A mysterious booming sound does seem to have been a reality in the past. Many people went searching for the source of the sound in the mid 19th century. When wet areas where the sound came from were drained for human habitation a dull silence remained, very disappointing.

An explorer actually claimed to have found bones of the beast: it seems to be much like a hippopotamus. Since Australia does not have an existing animal of this type it makes one wonder what kind of animal the bones really belonged to - or was he making it up? They could have been the bones of an animal 10,000 years old from the large marsupial era. Scientists are generally united in believing that the bunyip was a Diprotodon that died out 10 millennia ago and its existence was kept alive by Aboriginal verbal history.