Species in the Arctic and Antarctic Have Remained Unchanged

Many species are the same in both the Arctic and Antarctic, 235 species in fact. This challenges Darwin's theory of evolution. They could not have moved from one continent to the other. The distance is too far. These species have existed on both places for millions of years. Why didn't they evolve in different directions? Change takes place in an haphazard way over time, according to prevailing scientific research, even if environments are much the same.

Larger animals like birds and grey wales are the same in both polar regions. Even small creatures such as pteropods, worms and crustaceans are the same. A study was carried out in 2007/8 and these findings surprised many. Indeed, the mere abundance of life in the cold regions was a shock.

Evolution had taken place for most species, however: there were 7,500 in the Arctic and 5,500 in the Antarctic. Two hundred and thirty five is small proportion of these. Yet it does indicate that evolutionary change is not inevitable.