Plants Transfer Damaging Methane to the Atmosphere

It seems that altering the management of cows to prevent production of methane gas, which damages the environment, is a waste of time. The world's major source of methane is plants. Not only that, plants actually move methane from the soil directly into the atmosphere without actually producing it.

While most scientists concentrate on reducing carbon dioxide pollution, methane is 20 times more damaging. Increasing temperature creates more methane. So it is a long-term problem. More sunlight and heat means more methane.

Many scientists were shocked when this was discovered. They had thought that plants could only be good for the environment. It had been found that plants produced no methane when they grew in a non-organic environment. But growing any plant in soil produced large amounts of methane. As plants absorb water they also take in methane, then they transfer it to the air.

An answer could lie in growing plants in non-tilled soils because this reduces decay thus limiting methane output. However, this is not a long term solution as soil becomes impacted which stops root growth.