Algorithms the Basis of Artificial Intelligence Make Biased Decisions

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Programmers have biases and they create AI software. consequently, so called smart machines are faulty. ➽ Algorithms i the i Basis i of i Artificial i Intelligence i Make i Biased i Decisions i data i bias i company ➽ ▶ Algorithms h the h Basis h of h Artificial h Intelligence h Make h Biased h Decisions h data h bias h company h humans h hiring h business ▶ ⬢ Algorithms g the g Basis g of g Artificial g Intelligence g Make g Biased g Decisions g data g bias g company g humans g hiring g business g people g female g algorithm ⬢ ✿ Algorithms f the f Basis f of f Artificial f Intelligence f Make f Biased f Decisions f data f bias f company f humans f hiring f business f people f female f algorithm f process f making f women f simply ✿ ⧭ Algorithms e the e Basis e of e Artificial e Intelligence e Make e Biased e Decisions e data e bias e company e humans e hiring e business e people e female e algorithm e process e making e women e simply e candidates e models e outcomes e good e machine e learning e o’neil e companies ⧭ ▩ Algorithms d the d Basis d of d Artificial d Intelligence d Make d Biased d Decisions d data d bias d company d humans d hiring d business d people d female d algorithm d process d making d women d simply d candidates d models d outcomes d good d machine d learning d o’neil d companies d broader d manager d world d applicants d learn d words d candidate d math d management d talent d apply d job d based d language d human d time d reveal d organizations ▩ ⏏ Algorithms c the c Basis c of c Artificial c Intelligence c Make c Biased c Decisions c data c bias c company c humans c hiring c business c people c female c algorithm c process c making c women c simply c candidates c models c outcomes c good c machine c learning c o’neil c companies c broader c manager c biases c world c applicants c learn c words c candidate c math c management c talent c apply c job c based c language c human c time c reveal c organizations c potential c increasingly c mathematical c patterns c banks c design c train c issue c postings c gender c sophisticated c find c social c input c baldridge c cognitive c recommendations c address c transparency c support c alert c complex ⏏ ⦿ Algorithms b the b Basis b of b Artificial b Intelligence b Make b Biased b Decisions b data b bias b company b humans b hiring b business b people b female b algorithm b process b making b women b simply b candidates b models b outcomes b good b machine b learning b o’neil b companies b broader b manager b biases b world b applicants b learn b words b candidate b math b management b talent b apply b job b based b language b human b time b reveal b organizations b potential b increasingly b mathematical b patterns b banks b design b train b issue b postings b gender b sophisticated b find b social b input b baldridge b cognitive b recommendations b address b transparency b create b support b alert b complex b sense b fact b suitable b information b talk b amounts b simple b markets b conscious b objective b assumptions b future b decision b objectively b hope b assumption b decision-making b counter b current b pattern b demographics b variables b demographic b code b drive b book b mind b standards b leader b free b discriminatory b feed b engineer b haystack b suited b unconscious b discrimination b professors b black b race b improve b spotting b predictive b modeling b determine b point b qualified b cost b context b set b accurate b relevant b trained b company’s b sources b analyze b media b deliberate b standard b english b slang b word b sick b takes b obvious b attention b avoid b positive b impact b benefits b analytics b technology b schubmehl b users b knowing b legally b fair b competitive b research b fairness b program b university b step b industry b ensure b eliminate b groups b scientists b risk b evaluate ⦿ ∎ Algorithms a the a Basis a of a Artificial a Intelligence a Make a Biased a Decisions ➤ XXXXXXXXXX ➤ a humans a hiring a business a people a female a algorithm a process a making a women a simply a candidates a models a outcomes a good a machine a learning a o’neil a companies a broader a manager a biases a world a applicants a learn a words a candidate a math a management a talent a apply a job a based a language a human a time a reveal a organizations a potential a increasingly a mathematical a patterns a banks a design a train a issue a postings a gender a sophisticated a find a social a input a baldridge a cognitive a recommendations a address a transparency a create a support a alert a complex a sense a fact a suitable a information a talk a amounts a simple a markets a conscious a objective a assumptions a future a decision a objectively a hope a assumption a decision-making a counter a current a pattern a demographics a variables a demographic a code a drive a book a mind a standards a leader a free a discriminatory a feed a engineer a haystack a suited a unconscious a discrimination a professors a black a race a improve ➤ a data a bias a company ➤ a spotting a predictive a modeling a determine a point a qualified a cost a context a set a accurate a relevant a trained a company’s a sources a analyze a media a deliberate a standard a english a slang a word a sick a takes a obvious a attention a avoid a positive a impact a benefits a analytics a technology a schubmehl a users a knowing a legally a fair a competitive a research a fairness a program a university a step a industry a ensure a eliminate a groups a scientists a risk a evaluate ∎
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