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Individuals are wrongly listening to guidance from supposed specialist coaches in the wake of taking a DNA test. Lifestyle mentors have become popular. Moreover, much is unknown about sequencing.  Advice given seems to have come from other fields.  ||| selling to coaches or lifestyle do diet to is coaches | lifestyle on selling |
Careful about DNA testing recommendations
You are told about changing your eating regimen. It depends on small bits of DNA, not the entire genome; so it not by any stretch of the imagination quality sequencing of DNA. For assessment of reasonable eating regime, billions of subjects would be needed. Are food requirements of people that diverse? This question has not been addressed yet. ||| lifestyle as it go coaches | lifestyle | dna ||    

Most would shed pounds and be much fitter if they embraced the Mediterranean style food and did regular work outs.  This what consumers of this service are generally advised to do. Another suggestion is to take vitamins which would also enhance your general wellbeing.  | | australia dna not. |   
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This testing is turning into the latest fashion. If a fad progresses be a established activity it will become a multi-million dollar industry much like bottled water that started as a curiosity and became accepted as mainstream.  So called experts do not have enough valid evidence to make such specific predictions.
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