Daylight Saving Saves Koalas

Could daylight saving reduce the number of koalas killed on roads. Researchers are asking the Queensland government to seriously consider this change. It will have to be tried at yet another referendum that the majority of Queenslanders do not want. Any political party that goes to the polls with this policy would definitely lose votes.
Aussies at risk
Tracking collars were put on koalas to monitor their movements. The idea behind the theory is that koala are more active at twilight, beginning in the late afternoon. Having traffic peak an hour earlier would lessen the number of impacts with koalas wandering across roads.
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Whether the majority of Queenslanders really care about koalas has not been tested. This is a political matter that involves other things. Heart attacks increase when clocks are moved forward and their are more road accidents. Farmers hate it because animals and crops are worked on when the sun comes up.
The main issue in Australia is that the hottest part of the day is about 3:30 pm. With DST this is pushed out later to 4:30, precisely when you will be in a traffic jam on your way home from work.  saves 
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