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Apparently, Australia has found a cure for hangover. This does come from a reputable source - CSIRO. Symptoms of hangover are headache, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, sore stomach, and drowsiness. Just why we suffer is not known. No specific chemical has been isolated as causal.
Pear cider cures hangover
The "cure" seems to be too easy - you eat pears! This fruit has other benefits: it is anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and relieves constipation. A variety grown in Korea attacks aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) and alcohol deydrogenase (ADH) which are involved in metabolizing alcohol. Pears must be consumed before imbibing to have the curative effect. Whether it just stops alcohol from being absorbed is not yet known. It if it does this, then it would not be much use.

Alcohol depletes the body's vitamin and mineral resources. Time is needed to get the correct balance back. This means an instant "cure" will not be possible. Blocking alcohol is possible though. Pears may do this. You can eat pears and drink, or choose not to drink in the first place.
Science  by Ty Buchanan
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