Netflix Begins in Australia - Foxtel Trembles!

As Australians get ready to get Netflix this month, rival media companies are trembling in trepidation. Prices are falling and packages are getting larger for Foxtel, which has held a monopoly in TV and movies mainly over a satellite network. It is partially owned by Telstra the largest phone company in Australia and Telstra does include the premium Foxtel package in its phone/broadband offering.
Foxtel got in early with its movies over broadband being already established. It is not taking the market by storm, however. Foxtel movie signups are a bit dated now that Netflix is gathering content. Unlike Foxtel which is mainly only on satellite, cable and basic broadband; Netflix will ultimately be available on all smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Foxtel Go is still only offered on ipad and Samsung GALAXY devices.

When Netflix is fully operational, users will abandon the Telstra bundle with Foxtel because it is still very expensive. A short ago Foxtel threw in two free movies each month. This is turning back the clock. A few years ago two movies a month was part of the package. It amazes me how company CEOs treat customers as if they are stupid. We do know the real value of products.

Smaller Australian media companies are entering the movie-over-Internet market.  It is not yet known how they will get their content.  Offering movies later but cheaper seems to be their only option.  This could suit some customers.
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