Aboriginals Knew a Disaster Would Hit Darwin

White people just don't listen. They think they know everything and are better than black people. History shows that Europeans have believed in their superiority over Aboriginals, condemning their culture as nothing spectacular.

We do need to learn what we can from Aboriginals before all their practices are lost. Languages are disappearing as Aboriginals are westernized. Elders pass away and the traditions go with them. They know about the nature of the land, understanding things that we should record for posterity.

Evidence has been brought to light that Aboriginals left Darwin before Cyclone Tracy arrived. This is why none are seen in film footage. An Aboriginal woman Betty Pearce has come forward saying she was responsible. She travelled to Arnhem Land and went on to warn tribal people about the coming catastrophe. It was not clear in her mind what the specific disaster would be, but she knew something bad was about to happen.

She noticed something odd happening on her trip to Arnhem Land. Snakes and goannas were lying in the sun and not attacking each other. Goannas usually face the morning sun to warm their bodies up. Yet some were looking away from the sun. After seeing this she began a virtual pilgrimage to warn other Aboriginals to go home. Local people in Arnhem Land had known about the danger before she arrived.

After being told by elders to never speak of it openly, Betty finally decided to tell everyone black and white alike. After all, 40 years has passed since the cyclone and many had passed on due to old age. This knowledge is common sense really. Animals have developed senses which can identify subtle changes in the environment before a weather event. More research needs to be done on this.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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