Netflix Arrives in Australia Next Year

They said it would never come to Australia, yet there are strong rumours that Netflix will come here next year. With our antiquated broadband system only city users will benefit.

The National Broad Network (NBN) is dead in the water with lukewarm support from the present backward looking government. Canberra is spending cut mad. Furthermore, the federal government has overwhelming belief in the free market, which history has already shown to be false. They are in an ivory tower even though their plans are doomed in the Senate.

Netflix is needed in Australia due to the monopoly of Rupert Murdoch's Foxtel network. It can dictate price at the moment. A major international player will shake them up.

The present broadband system is definitely not up to the task though.  Copper wire will not download high amounts of data at a fast speed.  Perhaps, Netflix could be moving in too quickly.  There will be frustation in the bush where users will not be able to access the new service.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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