Cane Toads Go Where They Want

The toads cannot be stopped - cane toads that is. Some do-gooders are pressing the United Nations to act to stop the vermin from moving in to the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This won't do any good, Territories, states and the Federal Government have given up already. Even annual kills have not reduced the population one iota.

Because the pests are moving into the Purnululu National Park, the Wilderness Society is pressing the World Heritage Center in Paris to take action. The Australian Authorities would welcome any extra funding they can get, but it is common knowledge that nothing can be done. World Heritage rules hold states, territories and national governments responsible to control pests in protected parks. In this instance it would be foolish for legal action to ensue. Trapping and fencing will not work.

Australian laboratories are working on a biological control mechanism. Other countries with similar problems are working on a similar solution. Until an answer is found the little varmints will just go where they please.  A test that has worked is fencing off water holes, but this also prevents access by animal stock as well.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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