Vacuuming the House Is Dangerous for You

If you want to stay healthy don't vacuum your house. Have you ever done some hoovering and got a dry irritating cough? This could mean you need a new vacuum cleaner or should dump the existing one.

It is the way vacuum cleaners work that is the problem. They take in clumpy material which is caught in the filter bag. Very fine particles and bacteria get through and are pumped into surrounding air. If you are close-by, you breath in that foul air.

Top brands were tested including Hoover, Dyson, Electrolux, Sanyo and iRobot. When they were only six months old their HEPA filter systems failed. Allergens, bacteria and dust were pumped straight into the room.

Ideally we shouldn't have carpets in our homes at all. Having an industrial cleaner built into your home is the only answer. With these, dust is caught in a filtration unit outside of the house.
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