Most Australians Will Have to Wait for Streaming Internet TV

Australians will embrace streaming Internet TV when they get the service promised by the National Broadband Network (NBN). For most Australians this will be many years away, particularly for those living in the outback. Work has not yet begun on many suburbs of major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Though streaming movies and TV is increasing, it is only in areas with a fast broadband service. Companies such as Quickflix are launching subscription offerings, but only in metropolitan regions. No matter how cheap these services are they will meet the "no-broadband" barrier.

If the NBN continues at its present slow pace, the majority of Australians will be frustrated with their inability to enjoy the latest movies in their homes. Optus MeTV is going to charge $9.95 a month for TV that uses digital audio broadcasts. Many already know that outer suburbs of large cites cannot receive a decent DAB signal and there are no plans to further extend DAB.

The only option for most people is satellite TV. Surveys show a third of Australians plan to purchase Internet set-top boxes or smart TVs. They had better check whether they can use the new technology before they buy it!
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