Woodside Petroleum Will Destroy Dinosaur Footprints

Ancient dinosaur tracks may be destroyed by gas companies moving into the Kimberleys. In the Dampier Peninsula near Broome more than 15 different kinds of dinosaurs foot prints are "embedded" into the landscape. They are in 130-million-year-old sandstone.

Woodside plans to open up the area for natural gas development. Just bringing people there opens up the tracks to damage. Arguments are raging all over Australia at the moment between natural gas companies and farmers who fear damage to their pasture from polluting chemicals used in the search process. Companies can just open a farm gate, drive in and start drilling - no permission is needed.

New dinosaur footprints are being found at the Kimberley site, notably of the very large sauropods nearly a meter in diameter. The varied prints are in different layers. They have been laid down over an extended period of time.

Woodside is saying better quality tracks are found well away from their intended development and losing some footprints is unimportant. The company is obviously ignorant about scientific research. All finds in relation to dinosaurs are important.
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