Storms Are Getting Stronger and More Frequent

It is accepted that we are getting more rain though it evaporates very quickly and leads to drought. The cycle of evaporation and rain is speeding up. The planet it heating up as the poles are melting. Glaciers are reducing in size with the water flowing into the oceans thus increasing the height of the sea. There is one thing that has not been studied in depth - wind.

Tornadoes are getting stronger. Furthermore, storms with high winds are becoming more frequent and stronger. Over the last decade storm winds have become five per cent faster. The highest strength winds have increased by ten per cent. Analysis of wind change is not that easy. Wind does not show up in satellite pictures. Special equipment such as radar altimeters are put onto satellites. They get data by scanning for echoes. The frequency and strength of storms is definitely increasing.

It is not yet proven to be due to global warming. This could be a cyclical phenomenon. Nonetheless, it is drawing a long bow not to presume it is an aspect of global warming. Rising seas with stronger storms will cause more erosion in coastal regions.
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