Cultural Differentiation Should Be Encouraged

Despite the perception of Australians being "outside" people, spending their leisure exploring the bush, we are a nation of "stay-at-homes". A quite startling statistic shows that most Australians travelled only 16 kilometers from their homes in a decade.

Australians are parochial - they like the town where they were born. Anyway, this finding of only 16 kilometers of travel is questionable. It would be very difficult indeed even in remote towns for people to move in such a small radius from their homes. Even doing the weekly shopping would entail travel of more than 20 kilometers.

I favor strengthening the "bushy' culture of Australia - whether it be true or not. In this day and age societies are so similar as to be boring. We all have mobile phones and widescreen TVs. Hell, even Asians living in the mountains have such technology. And Africans meandering along dusty roads hold mobile phones to their ears and tinker with the Internet.
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