Keviin Rudd Will Lose the Next Election

Will the Labour Government mess up the new broadband investment like it has the roof insulation scheme, new housing for Aboriginals and building of new medical clinics? There was no mention of the planned new broadband network in the budget. Worse than this there was a "secret" hit in the budget on those who use liquid gas to run their cars.

The roofing scheme was a disaster. The Government ignored knowledge from New Zealand about installers being electrocuted when putting in foil insulation. Why did they do it? It seems Kevin Rudd just decides to have something done and then delegates. An efficient leader follows through and monitors what he instigates.

Aboriginal housing is another area not monitored. Only a few houses have been built despite millions already spent. And Aboriginals dearly need housing, with many sleeping under the night sky in the outback.

Medical clinics is another problem where a lot has been spent and little has been done. Only two clinics have been constructed. In rural regions people need medical services now. not in two years time.

It looks like Kevin Rudd is about to make history - a party losing office after only one term in government. He has himself to blame. In the last election he promised so much. Yet, he has not performed. The opinion polls show what people perceive is happening. The country is like a ship drifting on the high seas with the captain sleeping off a drinking session below deck. Furthermore, the new tax on mineral companies is a mistake. It will not change the way polls are going. Australians know how important the exportation of ore is to the overall economy. Rather than gaining support people are "ho humming" this tax grab. It is certainly perceived as a tax grab because people do not see mineral companies as rip off merchants. They provide works and help the balance of payments position.

Kevin Rudd can announce that he is hurt by having to postpone the Emissions Trading Scheme, but he chose to put it on ice. The Government could have tried to get it through the Senate again. It seem Kevin Rudd has shot himself in the foot by promising much and delivering little.

Julia Gillard should be preening herself and getting ready. Soon the Labor leadership and possibly control of the country's future could be in her hands. Unfortunately, she will have to spend some time in opposition first.
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